Laid to Rest: Making a Clear Plan for Your Remains

Laid to Rest: Making a Clear Plan for Your Remains

February 2024

Oklahoma Bar Journal  Read the full article here.

Sherwood & Robert Attorney Darcy Worth has recently been featured in the Oklahoma Bar journal for her insightful article about the legal pathways available for individuals to ensure their wishes about how they are buried are respected.

The goal of a client’s estate plan should be to leave a roadmap, not a mess, for their loved ones after they are gone. Traditional estate plans include rules for the treatment and disposition of a person’s money, real estate and physical property. One thing often missing from estate plans is a form that allows the client to indicate how they want their remains to be treated after they are gone. Such a form would avoid disputes surrounding the treatment of a person’s remains and give a clear path to the survivors over how to honor a person once they have passed. These types of disputes are becoming more of a regular occurrence after people’s deaths – creating a frenzy of fighting over what to do, leading to increased pain and cost after a loved one has died.

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